When art gives dignity and beauty of life!

Art has a power and it is that of surprise and emotion. This is what arises from Carlo Massimo Franchi

artistic work, who confers dignity and beauty to life with his surprising opera. It is known and indisputable

that art creates and anticipates the movements of civilization thanks to its symbolic capability. Alongside

with other creative expressions art constitutes an added value, necessary for that economical, cultural and

social balance that every society tries to reach and it creates, at the same time, clear and direct links with

the territory in which it acts: and this is what this artist from Novara does since a long time, by offering a

significant contribution with a high artistic value. He faces, during a path characterized by the unknown, by

deceptions and glows, like a Greek hero, his own creative existence in search of perfection. He owns a

language, a completely personal vocabulary held up by rigor and curiosity, with a constant look to

contemporaneity, perceiving its impulses and necessities, where art and life constantly mix up. To

paraphrase Rauschenberg “he tries to move in the middle” and, with no doubts, this artist does it very well.

Pompea Vergaro


Carlo Massimo Franchi was born in Pavia in November
1961. After graduating at the Brera Academy in Milan, he began his artistic career as a painter and
production designer. His main artistic theme, from the outset,
Is linked to the "Woman" and "Mediterranean", themes that characterize the first personal, where the themes of art that addresses suffered a
strong evolution towards the design, that materializes with Kaleidos works in mixed media, the line Kaleidos Light, Line Kaleidos interior design. His works have been exhibited in spaces such as the American galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, California (with the exhibition at the Museum "Paul Getty" St.
Monica). Its production boasts several commissions from
Middle East to the Sultan of Brunei, until 2007, attending the Italian Pavilion of the Index Dubai.
Among the public exhibitions held in Italy, remember
that of Palermo, the Norman Palace, the seat of the Sicilian Regional and personal cared Florence to Milan, Naples, Turin, Lecce, Rome, Monte Carlo (150 exhibitions all over the world).
The artistic francs arises
as an art project that
concrete, from the formal point of view, in compositions in which the
canvas is transformed into the ideal space
for overlapping colors matter
writing, where the word takes shape
and life as if to tell the art.
New element to demonstrate the continuous research of the Master

2016 will see him starring in Miami, where he participated in exhibitions and events such as Art Basel Miami in December 2016.